CalendClass is completely free for now, including all its features. We may introduce a more robust plan in the future, but all users who sign up before that point will be automatically upgraded to our paid plan. Yes, that means free forever. So, welcome aboard early birds!

To set up your availability, log in to your account, go to the calendar section, and choose the dates and times when you are available to teach. You can also configure various class durations and pre-defined events for group classes.

Yes, CalendClass allows you to offer both individual and group sessions. You can customize the maximum number of students allowed in a group session and set different pricing for individual and group classes.

You can share your unique CalendClass profile link via email, in your Instagram bio, etc. or other platforms. Through this link, they can view your availability and book a class directly through the platform. After booking, they will receive a confirmation email containing all the necessary details, including a link to join the online class. You will also receive a notification immediately after the booking is made.

CalendClass allows you to setup Stripe, PayPal or any other payment method that you prefer, allowing students to pay for classes directly to you. We don't take any commission, all your payments are paid directly to you without intermediaries

Yes, CalendClass allows you to integrate with your calendar, so when a student book a class with you, you will be able to see it right away in your phone, desktop or the platform you commonly use to see your calendar.

You will be notified, and your event will be canceled in your connected calendar. You will be able to issue the refund through the payment method your student used at the time of the payment.

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